Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Lil Late I Know....

Ed Dyas



Claire Bear

My three sweeties!

....but I have been meaning to post these photos.... it seems like for ages.... soooo why not now?

Yes, they are the same ones I put on our 2010 Christmas card, but they are some of my very favorites! It only took 15 minutes to compile my card...does it get any easier than that for a family card? I think not! No, there were no faces to clean and hairs to be brushed beforehand.... just them being themselves! I grabbed up the camera and what ya see is what ya get!

I think they turned out pretty good. With the season ending like it did for Auburn I must say my timing was impeccable! I think I was the only one in my family to not attend the national championship game...and WHAT A GAME! Wow!!!

I also wanted to say a little goodbye to Ed Dyas one of my distant relatives who was an Auburn football player and All American many moons ago. He passed away a week ago in Mobile from stomach cancer and was a true Auburn legend. I heard before he passed that he had been ecstatic about Auburns win in Arizona. You will be greatly missed, Ed.

Which leads me to this...WARRRRR EAGLE..HEY!


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